When Shall We Eat Cake?

Questions and Answers for Single People and Beyond 
Available July 2018


World Youth Day

For the last 12 years, I have served as a youth director in the Church Of God in Christ. On September 23, every youth ministry in the denomination will celebrate "World Youth Day." In conjunction with World Youth Day, my church is sponsoring a "Glow in the Dark" service. It's going to be a phenomenal time, so I encourage you to come out and be part of the worship and fun.

Kellen Brooks
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Teaching Notes
Living Out the Mission While Single
This past summer, I taught at the Church Of God In Christ International AIM Convention in the C.L. Moody World Missions Academy. Click here to download the notes from each of my sessions based on my soon to be released work When Shall We Eat Cake? 

Be well!
Kellen Brooks

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When Shall We Eat Cake? is based on a question my grandparents usually ask me when I go and visit them. The question is code word for “When are you going to get married?” The book looks at other questions single people get asked along these lines, categories of questions single people should ask those they are developing relationship with; and the book answers the overarching theme and analogy “When shall we eat cake?” That is, when should we get married? Available this Fall 2018  
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Episode 1: Evaluation
May 20, 2017
In my endeavor to bring fresh and inspiring content to KellenBrooks.com, I decided to begin posting a series of videos related to leadership and personal growth. A blog may be forthcoming as well. Why not! This month's video is dedicated to the power of evaluation. As a bonus, I have included downloadable notes for the presentation. You can access the notes by clicking here. Enjoy the video and don't forget to get your audio version of my smash hit and best selling book (smash it to me and my best seller to date :-)...) Unsuccessfully Single!

New Release from Pastor and Author Kellen Brooks

Unsuccessfully Single exposes the conventional dating ideas that hamper a successfully single life by delivering content in a straightforward, satirical, and comical manner.
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Meet Pastor Kellen Brooks
Kellen serves as the lead pastor of Pentecostal Temple Church of God In Christ in Inkster, MI. Along with pastoral ministry, Kellen is a professional musician, songwriter and music producer, adjunct instructor for Ashland Theological Seminary (Detroit Campus), and author of two works entitled Activation and the newly released Unsuccessfully Single.

Kellen is a sought after speaker with local, national, and international reach. He is available to speak on a wide range of topics and issues related to Unsuccessfully Single, including godly dating and embracing singleness, among others. Connect with Kellen to discuss opportunities, join our mailing list, and ask any further questions.
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